You Care for Everyone Else-Now Let Someone Else Care for You

Meet with a coach every month to combat stress or burnout

Patients, nurses and hospital staff look to you to solve problems. When you're struggling, who can you turn to? Introducing The Doctor's Health Coach, a confidential coaching program tailor-made for doctors.

Michael Simmons, MD started this program with the goal of helping doctors nationwide overcome stress and burnout, which are common problems in the medical community.

Skeptical about working with a coach? Dr. Simmons is...



Spend just a few hours every month talking with Dr. Simmons online or in person. He'll work with your busy schedule.



Our coach-client relationship is built on trust and accountability. Feel free to be candid-nothing you say will be reported. Dr. Simmons can connect you with trusted coaches and specialists, if needed.


Willing to travel:

The Doctor's Health Coach is based in Boise, ID. However, Dr. Simmons travels around the country to meet with clients. He even offers online coaching sessions.

5 signs you're feeling burnt out

Doctors around the country are feeling overworked and underappreciated. Feeling burnt out is nothing to be ashamed of. Working with a personal coach can help keep you motivated.

You might be experiencing a burnout if...

  1. You dread going into work every morning. Through The Doctor's Health Coach, you'll learn how to recapture your passion for helping others.
  2. You feel irritable with staff or patients.Discover tips and tricks for managing stress effectively.
  3. You're considering leaving the medical field. You chose this career for a reason. The Doctor's Health Coach will remind you what inspired you to become a physician.
  4. You feel like you're not making a difference. Doctors are invaluable assets to any practice. The Doctor's Health Coach will help you see that value in your own practice and the medical community as a whole.
  5. You're missing important family milestones. Striking a work-life balance can be hard, but The Doctor's Health Coach will make it easy.

Feeling burnt out? Ready to make changes? Get in touch with Dr. Simmons right away.

What are you waiting for?

Discover the secret to managing stress, avoiding burnout and providing the best care you possibly can. The Doctor's Health Coach is here to help.

Here's what happens next:

You'll discuss your goals with Dr. Simmons.
Dr. Simmons will spend two days getting to know you and assessing your needs.
You and Dr. Simmons will begin working together to overcome your specific struggles.

It's that simple. Contact The Doctor's Health Coach today to get started.