Why The Doctor's Health Coach?

Creating Healthy, Happy and High Performing Doctors

Medicine has changed and continues to change.

Not all of the changes in medicine have been favorable for your patients, and definitely these changes have not been favorable for you.

Doctors today have seen the level of respect for the profession dwindle away. With that, you have seen the respect for the time, energy, sacrifices (not just yours but also your families), knowledge and skills required also dwindle. The health of doctors, both individually and as a community, have deteriorated. Doctors spend more time trying to satisfy the very things that cause immense stress, and to what end? The various government entities tell you how to chart and what data is required in the chart in order to be reimbursed. (Also, think about how much reimbursement has changed since you started). The insurance companies and government entities tell you how to practice. The insurance companies and government entities tell you what can be prescribed. You know the drill all too well. Something has to give! It is the doctors that are sacrificing their own health to care for patients and clients. You must keep up with the new medical literature. You must keep up with the new guidelines of the industry. You must keep up with new pharmaceuticals as well as the new prescriptive indications and side effects for existing pharmaceuticals. This is necessary, but the time requirements can impact the care you give yourself.

The Doctor's Health is about YOU, the doctor, and how to reclaim your vitality and revisit the WHY of choosing to go into medicine in the first place.

About The Coach - Meet Dr. Simmons

My name is Michael Simmons and, like you, chose a career in medicine. Medicine has always been a fascination of mine from the time I was young. As I started elementary school, I had difficulty with my eyesight. After surgeries and treatments, it was the doctors that gave me the ability to see! Over the course of my formative years, doctors continued to assist me with my continued visual impairments always with the outcome of restored vision. After experiencing the benefit of what felt like miracles, I was hooked. I was going to become a doctor too. I started by becoming an athletic trainer in high school. Later, I worked emergency rooms as an Emergency Medical Technician. I volunteered on large ambulance services. Finally, in pursuit of my dream, I attended medical school and then residency. After residency, my career took me into solo and hospital practice where I stayed for over 25 years.


I, too, sacrificed as insurance began to pay less and demand more. "Big Pharma" began its influence and insurance companies began to tell me what pharmaceuticals I could use, what test could be ordered, and what exactly needed to be documented in the medical records. Government entities also told me what pharmaceuticals I could use, what test could be ordered, and what exactly needed to be documented in the medical records. I was no longer practicing medicine based upon best patient care. I sacrificed time and vacations with my family. (You see, families of providers sacrifice as well). I experienced my own health issues (two strokes, unexplained organ failures, unexplained paralysis). Yet, I went back to work quickly without taking the time, or much effort, to take care of myself. I, like you, knew what I was supposed to do. I developed wellness programs for my patients. I taught people to look after their own health and to put themselves first. Did I do that? No! I did not! I was not the priority. My family was not the priority. I thought I had time. I thought I was invincible. I was the doctor. I thought my knowledge was enough....


My own body said "That is enough." I did not have time. I had been struggling to complete the day to day tasks of seeing patients (without realizing it!). I was running four, YES, FOUR!, clinics as a solo practitioner. I did not think I had burn out, but my body told me, "ENOUGH". I chose to do something different. I turned in my white coat and stethoscope so that I could give my time and attention to YOU, my fellow doctors, who may be struggling in their own life and practice. Doctors are the key to transforming the conversation in healthcare. It is time for you to take a stand for yourself. It is time for you to say "That is enough!" It is VITAL to take care of yourself so you can better care for others. We will partner together to reclaim the health and vitality that gave you the drive to take on the arduous task of practicing medicine and caring for others.

Coaching Services

Transforming Conversations in Healthcare

I Coach.

Even the greatest athletes have coaches to help them see the things they can not see for themselves. I do the same for you. Together, you change.

I Speak.

As an award winning physician and speaker, I use my experience and expertise to encourage and motivate individuals and groups. I have been on large and small stages and am grateful to use these venues to help many.

I Write.

I am excited to announce that I have a book coming out soon! Keep looking out for "The Professional Woman's Handbook: The Secrets to Having Abundant Energy, Time, and an Extraordinary Life."

What can I do for you?

I Have BEEN Where YOU Are!

None of us got to where we are alone. We are where we are because we have teachers, we have our families, we have communities all of which believe in us. All along the way we have individuals that teach us new skills, that love us, that mentor us often because we can't do it all. Professional athletes at the top of their game, the best in their sport, have all the skills to win...they also have coaches. Coaches that help them go from competent to excellence and genius. In their chosen sport and in various areas of life including their finances, their health, their strength and more . it is about balance. We here at The Doctor's Health with Dr. Simmons, as The Doctor's Health Coach, are about partnering with you in choosing health and helping you get back the vitality that you deserve and your family deserves. Remember, health is far more than physical.